James D Bearden 

What the hell is an aluminum falcon?
The shirts against the blouses.


Old ID 1991

We start off this picture gallery with my OSU freshman ID picture, circa 1991. Not only is it chronologically correct, it's also a surprisingly good ID picture. I lost it in the Fall of 1994, so I won't be able to prove to my grandchildren that I really WAS young once. If you happen to stumble across an OSU ID with this picture on it, let me know!

Hot Tub 1995

Here's a fine example of one of my educational programs I put on when I was an RA at OSU in 1995. In case you're wondering, it was a non-alcoholic party before the big Michigan football game. The mascot for OSU is a buckeye, which is a poisonous nut. GO BUCKEYES!!!

CompuServe 1998

Here is picture of me at work at CompuServe in August 1998. See those two computers there? That was major geek cred back in the day.

Skydive 2000

Here's me after exiting from a perfectly good airplane in 2000. I no longer live near a good place to jump, so it's been a while.

Formal 2003

Here is picture of me in 2003, in a suit! For your information, this was the first time I had worn a suit in almost three years, and that's how I like it.

Costa Rica 2011

Here I am surfing in Costa Rica in 2011. Costa Rica is a lot of fun, and I visit as often as possible.

Grand Canyon 2014

This is me at the Grand Canyon in August 2014. Hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon is a challenging and rewarding experience, and I do it as often as I can.