James D Bearden 

What the hell is an aluminum falcon?
The shirts against the blouses.

I am a graduate of THE Ohio State University (OSU), where I obtained a Bachelors in Computer and Information Science (CIS) from the College of Engineering (ENG). That "THE" is pretty important to OSU, too. In fact, I think it is part of the trademark or something. My summary of 5 years at OSU: The worst thing about college life is the classes, since they really cramp one's style. However, I got out with my little piece of paper that says I can be hired, so I guess that's what is important. It is now suitably framed and hanging over my desk at home to impress dates and future employers. I put myself through college by joining the NAVY through a great program that allowed me to go to college after only a year of active duty. After graduating from college I worked for CompuServe, Inc, and at one point I spent over 2 years in the same office while the company name on my paycheck changed 3 times. I left CompuServe in 2000 and over the course of twelve years I worked my way up to become the managing partner of a small but talented company, but I left in 2012 to start my own company called Nontrivial Solutions.